Live Trip Map Day 17: August 31, 2009
SLC to Denver
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The Hilton in Salt Lake City had a blocked off parking area, with hose, for the Corvettes. The group now includes Oregon and Utah... August 31,1999
We didn't spend all of our time with the interstate crowd and took in a little bit of Route 66 including Villa de Cubero west of Albuquerque. My faith that this is where Ernest Hemingway wrote the Old Man and the Sea has diminished in the decade since the picture was taken. California, Idaho, & Washington.

The caravan's move from I-80 to I-70 (essentially Salt Lake City to Denver) utilized US-6 and US-6 goes through some stunning scenery.

Crispian took the wheel for a while which allowed me to capture an only slightly blurred US-6 sign.

The mid-day stop at Grand Junction was a well organized affair. There was a live radio broadcast along with quite a few local cars -- and even a local mascot -- for spice.

There was some more great scenery to cruise through after lunch. Some professional shots from the Glen Wood Canyon section of this run will eventually be available here.

As we neared Denver, a sign announced that the next exit lead to Buffalo Bill's grave. I know I should have already known this but didn't. We pulled over and checked distance with the GPS. Less than four miles, it said. It seemed to be a no brainer for both Cris & me and we set off to visit the grave.

The side trip moved us even closer to the back of the pack but we found the Aurora Sports Park with lots of Corvettes, a BBQ, and the only red '03->'53 conversion I've ever seen. Maybe it's an '04->'54.

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