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I've mentioned, perhaps even boasted, that I have already driven all of the Lincoln Highway east of Illinois. "Got proof?", you ask. Well, maybe not proof, exactly, but I got details.

The eastern most bit was driven just last summer. I parlayed a business trip to New Jersey into a drive by of the Times Square terminus then stuck with the Lincoln to Greensburg, Pennsylvania. That tale is told here. That was my first drive on the LH east of Lancaster.

My earliest documented Lincoln Highway drive was in 2004 when I extended another work trip by connecting with the road in Lancaster and following it west through West Virginia to the Ohio line. You'll find that here. I revisited some of this section on the third day of a 2005 trip and drove the original WV-skipping alignment north out of Pittsburgh last September.

Ohio was added a few months after that first Pennsylvania trip when I went to my first Ohio Lincoln Highway League meeting. That was in April of 2005 and is covered here. I drove Ohio's short lived portion of the Proclamation Route in April 2008 on the way to my second League meeting.

A friend and I covered both major Indiana alignments in March of this year. Read about that outing here. I had really hoped to do this in conjunction with the 2009 National Lincoln Highway Association Conference in South Bend but work, which had actually enabled some of the earlier exploration, got in the way this time.

There is one other Lincoln Highway episode I want to mention. Although the LH wasn't involved in getting there, I was in San Francisco just about a year ago and paid a visit to the road's western end. Now all I have to drive is that little piece between the Ideal Section and Lincoln Park.

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