The 2003 outing mentioned in the previous version of this page has come and gone without me being anywhere near it. That's not really a surprise, of course, since that previous version, in a major understatement, also said "I have doubts". The doubts were justified and cruising the Lincoln Highway during its 90th year was never even close to a realistic activity for me. I'm hoping that the centennial will be different.

Time should be plentiful; Money not so much. I expect to be fully retired by 2013 so I should be able to devote the appropriate amount of time. That time, however, comes at the expense of a regular pay check. Rather than a single full length run, the Lincoln Highway Association is organizing two caravans that will start at the ends and meet in Kearney, Nebraska. My fantasy trip is to be part of the east coast group in a 1963 car of some sort. 1963 because it will be half the age of the Lincoln Highway but modern enough to be affordable and drivable. Searching for that car should begin in earnest next year with a Falcon, Corvair, or Valiant convertible on the wish list. Following the Nebraska meeting and celebration, I plan to continue west on the Lincoln solo.

It's possible, however, that I'll have covered the whole thing in pieces by then. In July of '08, I braved Manhattan traffic to cruise by the eastern terminus in Times Square and stayed on the Lincoln Highway to Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I'd driven much of the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania before but that was my first time on the Highway east of Lancaster. I've also driven all of the Lincoln Highway in Ohio at least once and, in March of 2009, a friend and I covered all of Indiana's portion. I can now claim to have logged all of the Highway east of the Illinois state line. I'm now looking at the possibility of going on my third National Corvette Museum Caravan by joining the northern California group departing from San Francisco. Part of the attraction, of course, is getting there on the Lincoln Highway.