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Like any self-respecting component in something called a "web", this site has always linked to places outside itself. There are links embedded in text and each of the longer trips has a "Related" page listing several sites somehow connected with that trip. This is sort of a "Related" page for the entire site.

Initially, the role was filled by the Rt66in99 "Related" page but there has been no site wide link list since the second trip was added. I've often thought of adding such a page but what finally got me to act was a couple of requests for swapping links. (To link to this site, look here.) The only ideas I had for such links was to associate them with an individual trip or add them to the home page. The first choice seemed a little unfair to the other party and not in the spirit of link swapping. The second seemed unfair to me and had the potential for destroying any pattern the home page might have. The answer was to add the links page I had long considered. The selection of links to place here is pretty arbitrary. The sequence of the links is alphabetical by URL. Of possible interest but not in the list are links to my web host (eVerity) and domain registrar (GoDaddy).

All 50
His own 50th birthday, the 50th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette, and 50 states in the union. Ray Ehly, Jr. didn't see this so much as a coincidence as a challenge. The web site documented the trip as it occurred - from picking up a new Corvette at the museum in Kentucky, through driving in all 50 states, to a return to the museum for the anniversary celebration.
American Road
The magazine that celebrates our two-lane highways of yesteryear and the joys of driving them today! From Mock Turtle Press, publishers of fine travel books. The website includes a forum where those highways are discussed by subscribers and non-subscribers alike.
National Corvette Museum
The NCM is the home of "America's Sports Car" and this website is its cyber-window. Much information on the car, its fans & friends, and happenings at the museum. Some of those happenings can be viewed in progress through live web cams.
Dirk Hamilton
When I was about 2 1/2 decades younger, this guy's music really grabbed me and I wasn't alone. Rolling Stone called his 1978 Meet Me At The Crux an "overlooked gem" when it did its Essential Album list for the 1970s. I had (and have) every album but never got to see him before he stepped away (escaped??) from the music business for several years. But Dirk couldn't stop being Dirk and eased back into writing, recording, & performing. His profile is lower than it was 25 years ago but he has still managed to release eight CDs full of wonderful tunes since 1990 and his music can still grab me.
Drew Knowles' truly entertaining site with an eclectic collection of road trip goodies. Lots of very nice photos, trip ideas, some merchandise, extensive links, and an in progress Route 66 Glossary. My copy of Drew's Route 66 Adventure Handbook was definitely put to use on my 2003 trip.
Historic Route 66
The oldest Route 66 site on the web run all the way from Belgium by dedicated roadie Swa Frantzen. Lots of Route 66 information including one of the most usable set of turn-by-turn directions I've found. Those maps and illustrated guidebooks remain quite valuable but it was a printed copy of Swa's directions that kept me on route during the solo 2003 drive.
Lincoln Highway Association
Official website of the National Lincoln Highway Association with information on both the highway and the organization. Links to related sites including the Ohio Chapter.
National Historic Route 66 Federation
A source for maps, guide books, and plain old information. The web site also throws in a little inspiration and offers some solid footing. The Federation is the only nation-wide, non-profit organization working to save the entire length of Route 66.
Road Trip Memories
Pat & Jennifer traveled two-lanes independently "Til the one day when the lady met this fellow" and now they travel them together. As its own introduction explains, the site includes "his, hers, and ours" sections. Lots of pictures from lots of road trips and other topics as well.
US 40 Route 40 - America's Golden Highway (TM)
Frank Brusca's site offers extensive information on US 40 including its National Road connection.
US 50, Coast to Coast: A journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Wulf Berg promotes the highway through this website and offers a book by the same name. That book documents Wulf's 1995 journey along US 50's length and provides some very enjoyable armchair travel.
The Historic Postmarkart of Route 66
The First and Original Historic Route 66 Artwork that actually traveled the entire length of the Mother Road!" Over 28,000 miles of adventure travel documenting the cities and towns along Route 66. This site is also home to many other Postmarkarts of other Two Lane Highways and state regions in America!
U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association
An organization whose purpose is preserving the longest US numbered route. The transcontinental highway also gets support from some caring fans. The travelogue I originally linked to here has vanished but the online journal of Joe Hurley's eight month walk along the entire length of US-6 is a fantastic replacement.
SCCA Sports Car Club of America
Information and schedules for SCCA activities, both amateur and professional. Learn the where & when of racing, rallying, or auto-crossing then watch or participate. The national site has links to the websites of individual regions including one for the Cincinnati Region.
The Road Wanderer The Road Wanderer
Guy Randall's marvelous website is tough to describe in a few sentences but, for anyone whose vocabulary includes the word "roadie", it's a must see. A definite highlight is the recently completed cyber tour of Route 66 - maybe the next best thing to being there. Look around just a little and you'll find ghost towns, petroglyph sites, and a model railroad town to visit. Lots of great pictures from Guy's own travels plus some historic photos and worthwhile commentary.
US Highways U.S. Highways: From US 1 to (US 830)
"...dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the US numbered highway system." A phenomenal collection of highway data. Complete lists for various dates, areas, interests, etc.