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I have nothing for sale here so simply spreading around a bunch of links has no attraction for me. This is "vanity publishing" at its most basic. I want visitors with similar interests and not folks who accidentally clicked on a link at some unrelated web site. Before I put together the site level Related Links page, I hadn't given much thought to others linking to this site. The only links that I was aware of were text only links from search engines and I guess I thought that if anyone wanted to reference this site, a good old text hyperlink would be just fine. It is, of course, but some folks might want something more. I know that I do in my Related Links pages. Combine those thoughts with a cold rainy afternoon and the result is this page offering some help for linking to this website.

This graphic "logo" can be copied (right click, save image/save picture as) to your own site and linkage added with your own HTML:

A collection of back road trip reports.

By way of example, the following HTML can be used assuming that the graphic was saved as dgrtlogo.jpg in the same directory as the file referencing it:

If you are looking for some boiler plate text to go with the link, here is what has been supplied to search engines:

At one time, an alternative method of linking was promoted here that used the image directly from this web site. HTML was even provided so that a simple cut and paste operation was all that was required. Using images directly from another site is called "hot linking" and I have since blocked that from this site. I did this because I found numerous links, usually from unrelated forums, that used pictures with no acknowledgement and totally out of context. It is possible for me to allow specific sites to "hot link" and I have done that for any sites of which I was aware that used the previously provided code. If I've missed some legitimate hot link usage, please let me know.

As I've said, I'm not interested in getting visitors just to bump up the pages served count but, if you want to provide like minded web travelers with a pointer to this site, I would be honored.