Day 1: June 2, 2005
A Rainy Start



Things did not fall into place immediately but eventually they did and I was on my own time by 4:00. I headed east out of Zebulon, NC, in a light rain. The rain varied in intensity but never quite stopped as I followed US-64, I-95, and US-58 to Virginia Beach.

I never did find the start of US-60 but I did find the end and figured the east bound starting point had to be somewhere close. Virginia Beach shows its sense of humor by signing the coast to coast highway as north & south. That wet tree lined road is of interest mostly because it is barely a mile from the heavily built-up Virginia Beach tourist area.

I finally reached my destination in Newport News and grabbed a picture of Noah as he slept. Then came pictures with big brother Fletcher, mom Kayla, and grandpa Denny. It seems dad somehow avoided the camera.

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