Day 4: December 25, 2007
Joyeux Noël
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This panel is from last night - Christmas Eve. As I strolled down Bourbon Street looking for some live music, it struck me that never had I heard a sound more fittingly described as cacophony. Music blasted from almost every bar, restaurant, and souvenir shop. It was all recorded and included blues, zydeco, rap, rock (both hard & soft), and Caribbean. But, regardless of style or quality, it was all loud. Then, just as I despaired of finding any live music at all, I found some great blues in a place called simply the Blues Club. The first two shots are from there where I spent the first part of the evening with Rooster the Chicken Hawk backed by nothing but good musicians. Rooster's a pretty good guitarist and the other guy is even better. There were two keyboardists - electric piano and a B3 - plus 5 string bass and drums. Excellent! I'm sorry I didn't get a shot of Rooster in his red leather jacket.

The third picture is up the street at the Bourbon Street Blues Company. I didn't like the music as well as Rooster's but it wasn't bad and the two female vocalists were definitely easy to look at.

I started the day slowly and didn't even leave the room until I heard a trumpet playing Silent Night. I have no idea where it was coming from but it was a very nice way to be reminded that this is Christmas Day. Once I got moving, I did a long walk about and grabbed a few pictures. The first one here is St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square. Then it's the steamboat Natchez with the Crescent City Connection bridge in the background. The third is at the Joan of Arc statue near French Market.

I rarely go looking for jambalaya but, after a couple of days listening to Hank Williams, that's what I was ready to do when I pulled in to New Orleans yesterday. I got side tracked by the cheeseburger under a hub cap but got back on track today. Jambalaya and catfish at Sammy's. A fine holiday meal.

Today's festive background is a house with garlanded balcony on Chartres Street.

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