Day 2: May 17, 2008
On the Wagon
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Not much for the site today. Pretty much the entire day was spent with the wagon train so just about every picture I took could theoretically be used in the magazine article. There are, of course, the really crappy ones that clearly won't make it and there are the near duplicate shots of a scene of which only one - or less - will ever get used. But something that I could and would use here were really scarce. The two in this panel were chosen because they are moderately crappy yet give a hint of how I spent my day.

The first was taken during what I think was the personal highlight of the day. Fans of Route 66 who have crossed the Chain of Rocks Bridge in recent years should be able to relate. This bridge was built in 1819, superseded in 1937, and heavily damaged & closed in 1972. Facing demolition in the early 1980s, it was saved and restored in 1984. It is always open to pedestrians and occasionally opened to wheeled vehicles. Today was one of those occasions and I was in one of those vehicles. Sort of like crossing the Chain of Rocks in a '49 Ford.

The second photograph isn't actually representative of the overall day but is more a naturally occurring collage of various elements that contributed to it. There is the wagon train, of course, accompanied by some folks on horseback. There are some cars pulled to the side of the road while their occupants watch the train go by. Some got out; some don't. Many photos are taken. Some with fancy camera and some with cell phones. In between, traffic moves on.

This picture isn't all that blurry or terribly out of focus but I still doubt it's a candidate for publication. Towed "convenience stations" accompanied the wagon train and were waiting at each stop. You could tell that Jack, the driver, had selected his parking spot carefully in Hagerstown. As we pulled in, he pointed out the "NO DUMPING" sign and explained that activities inside his charges would be limited on this stop.

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