The Oddment

These are items that do not qualify as road trips - not even day trips. Some have been linked to from somewhere on the site while others have been pointed to only by links in email to specific groups or individuals. Occasionally I've thought of somehow "normalizing" them but it never got beyond being a thought until I came upon the word "oddment". From Merriam-Webster online:

Main Entry: odd·ment
Pronunciation: 'äd-mənt
Function: noun
1 a : something left over : REMNANT b plural : ODDS AND ENDS
2 : something odd : ODDITY

Definition #1 fit perfectly and I'm sure some will think that #2 is also on the mark. Combine that with the fact that it sort of rhymes with "recent" & "decent" and I had the key for pulling together these links:

Name Date Description
Morristown Holiday Tour of Homes 1-Dec-2012 A pike town ready for Christmas
Battle of Perryville 7-Oct-2012 A thousand men and a field of corn
American Sign Museum Reopening 1-Jun-2012 Bigger, better, brighter, and more accessible
Seventy Years After 18-Apr-2012 Doolittle Reunion: Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines
Air Force Museum 17-Feb-2012 What hath Wilbur & Orville wrought?
Dickens of a Christmas 9-Dec-2011 Just the way Charley liked it.
Hartman Rock Garden 9-Sep-2011 Reborn rock city.
Vent Haven Museum 2-Aug-2011 More dummies than you've ever seen.
National Road Bells Caravan 5-May-2011 Tinkling after 200 years.
Lightning, Finn, & Mater 31-Mar-2011 Agents on a Mission.
Girls On Wheels 26-Mar-2011 Cincinnati Rollergirls rock.
Dayton Packard Museum 9-Mar-2011 Repurposed dealership.
Hamilton Ice Fest 22-Jan-2011 Carving artists.
The Fair at New Boston 5-Sep-2010 Stepping into the 1790s.
Patrick Sweany Homestead Concert 5-Aug-2010 A concert in a museum.
Willie Pooch Memorial Benefit 11-Jul-2010 Helping the helper.
AMA Hall of Fame Museum 11-Jul-2010 A world class display just up the road.
The Glorious Fourth 4-Jul-2010 Party like it's 1885.
Trains, Plane, & Jeeps 5-May-2010 First visits to two nearby museums.
Airwaves Kite Fest 2010 11-Apr-2010 With a string and some air.
Bockfest Parade 5-Mar-2010 How could I miss this for so long?
Patrick Sweany House Concert 12-Feb-2010 One of my favorites delivers a lot to a few.
Riverside Surprises 11-Oct-2009 Living history and more on both sides of the Ohio.
Images of Roadhouse 66 30-May-2009 Columbus is now on the Route.
Saint Pat's '09 Parade 14-Mar-2009 Vaz you Irish in Zinzinnati?.
Entertrainment Junction 25-Jan-2009 Trainspotting the easy way.
Peace Museum 24-Jan-2009 A space to make peace in Dayton.
Shaving 21-Dec-2008 A brush with history.
Delta Queen Cincinnati Departures 21-Oct-2008 Farewell to a Queen?
Summer of Love Reunion II 16-Aug-2008 Cincinnati 1968 flash back.
Richmond T Party 24-July-2008 Tin Lizzy turns one hundred.
Mattec at Twenty-Five 27-June-2008 Having fun in Real-Time.
PCHS Herb Faire 4-May-2008 Parsley, sage, road markers, and thyme.
Joe Nuxhall Heading Home 16-Nov-2007 Oh man! What memories.
World's Largest Ball of Paint 27-Oct-2007 Painting the Big Ball.
Greenville Tractor Parade 20-Oct-2007 Big wheels come to town.
Summer of Love Reunion 18-Aug-2007 Cincinnati 1967 flash back.
Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge 20-Jul-2007 Solar cars at Wilmington, OH.
Creation Museum 3-Jun-2007 The Creation Museum one week after opening.
Tall Stacks 8-Oct-2006 Cincinnati's riverboat celebration.
WACO Fly-In 26-Aug-2006 Historic WACO airplanes gather in Troy, OH.
Woodward Dream Cruise 19-Aug-2006 Detroit's Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise.
Family Fun at Eldora 12-Aug-2006 The 2006 Family Fun Day at Eldora Speedway.
Pennsyvania House Preview 24-Jun-2006 Work in progress at the Pennsylvania House in Springfield, OH.
TCT in Springfield 7-Jun-2006 Tin Can Tourists stop in Springfield, OH, during their caravan over the National Road.
A tad more 20-May-2006 Englewood Park's National Road connection.
Tadmor 13-May-2006 The remnants of a former "Crossroads of America".
Airwaves Kite Fest 2-Apr-2006 Bunches of kites at the Voice of America Park.
GuitarTown Project 26-Nov-2005 Some of the decorated guitar sculptures displayed in Nashville, TN.
Andy D-Day's Neighborhood 6-Nov-2005 A couple of former roadside attractions almost hidden in a Brookville, OH, museum.
Adena 30-Jul-2005 A visit to Adena mansion near Chillicothe, OH.
Cross-Tipped Churches 23-Jul-2005 A drive along Ohio's Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches Byway.
A Downs Day 10-Jul-2005 A day at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY.
Ashville Traffic Light 2-Jul-2005 The world's oldest working automatic traffic light in Ashville, OH.
Shellee Graham in Springfield 7-May-2005 An exhibit of Shellee Graham's "Return to 66" photographs in Springfield, OH.
American Sign Museum Opening 28-Apr-2005 The grand opening of the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, OH.
Oregonia Hill Climb 10-Oct-2004 The 2004 motorcycle hillclimb at Oregonia, OH.

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