Andy D-Day's Neighborhood - November 6, 2005

From the time I first read of Andy D-Day's "re-discovery" at RoadsideAmerica I've thought of visiting this freak of nature displayed just a few miles away. The museum that holds him is only open on the first Sunday of each month and was not poised at the top of my "to do" list so it has taken awhile for things to line up for a visit. That happened today and I set off on a jagging curse toward Brookville, OH. On the way, I passed by the double Futura house near Carlisle. Although I know next to nothing about these specific structures, there is information on Futura houses, of which there may have been only twenty built, here and here.

It was a four horned cow and a two headed calf that first brought the museum to my attention but, by the time I reached it, I knew that there was a lot more than that to be seen. The house itself is pretty impressive and so are its furnishings. The wall hangings I tried to photograph are just a few of the many in the house. They are made of feathers, shells, and even human hair. Our guide, Shirley, did a great job on most items, but did not know much about these decorations. The house is furnished as it was or could have been in 1910. Anything that doesn't fit is relegated to the basement and that includes a genuine Edison cylinder phonograph. Of course, it also includes the four horned Andy D-Day and the two headed calf that was exhibited with him.

The last two pictures are of Foot Print Rock along US-40 north of Brookville. The rock itself is shaped a bit like a foot but its name comes from a depression that looks amazingly like what a moccasin glad human foot might leave in mud or clay. That fanciful explanation may have no basis in fact but has been enough to keep the rock from being paved over and earn it a sign. In my picture, standing water makes the "foot print" rather tough to seen. A better picture, and just better information in general, can be found here at Frank Brusca's Route 40 site.

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