Creation Museum - June 3, 2007
The new Creation Museum opened across the river last weekend and it seemed like just the place to visit on a Sunday afternoon that threatened rain. A big tent stood in front of the place with some placards about groups. It might have been left from last weekend's hoopla (Roadside America was there) or they might have been expecting some filled buses. Parking attendants guided me right to my space and it was a short walk past a security guard directing traffic to the museum entrance. Admission was $19.95 minus $5 for being old plus $5 for a planetarium ticket. I could have knocked off another five bucks by filling out a form and agreeing "to allow the Creation Museum/Answers in Genesis to communicate with me in the future." I kept the form and parted with a twenty.

A major point being made by the museum is the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans and that situation is shown in several displays with "life-sized people and dinosaur animatronics". Since they don't claim the dinosaurs are life-sized, you're left to make up your own mind on that. "Life-sized people" are a big part of lots of the displays and at least one is based on a living person. The bald guy depicted at the dinosaur dig shows up in several PBS/NGC/Discovery Channel style videos to add, I assume, some scientific credibility. I don't know who he is but he certainly looks like a scientist. His message is essentially that the same evidence can lead to different conclusions depending on where you start. The sign in front of the dinosaur has columns headed "starting with Human Reason" and "starting with God's Word". A number of different conclusions are listed including a 124,995,700 year age variation.

The "life-sized people" include several copies of Adam & Eve and there is a life-sized model of a tiny bit of one deck of Noah's Ark. There are also some small models of the whole thing (and the museum's restaurant is called "Noah's Cafe"). I didn't look into just what the creature standing on the table is but believe he has something to do with kids. I'm guessing he's some sort of teenage mutant dinosaur that appears in books and videos made for children. The last few pictures show that, although life may not evolve, museums do.

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