Images of Roadhouse 66 - May 30, 2009

David Wickline, the guy behind Images of 66, brought a few Sixty-Six images to life this week in the Columbus, Ohio, suburb of Worthington. I didn't make it to Tuesday's grand opening but I did make it to Roadhouse 66's first Saturday night and first live music. That meant I got to hear Bobby Troup's Get You Kicks on Route 66 performed for the first time in Dave's new establishment. I'd not heard (or heard of) Terry Davidson & the Gears, the band that did it, before but I wouldn't mind hearing them again. There's not much risk in predicting that Bobby's song will get played here a lot.

These rather random pictures include smiling Dave, all around Roadhouse problem solver Patty, and Dave's back. They also give a glimpse of the Route 66 stuff Dave has displayed here. It's a big place but there aren't many bare spots on the walls. Ohio has long had a sizable population of Route 66 fans and now we have a club house.

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