Mattec at Twenty-Five - June 27, 2008
The Big Two Five is almost here. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the day (July 5, 1983) when I got a call telling me that Mattec Corporation officially and legally existed. That was my signal to tender my resignation and let go the seeming security of employment at Cincinnati Milacron. Since then, many others have entered -- and exited -- the Mattec fold. On Friday, quite a few of these former employees took part in a company golf outing. I knew of some that planned to play but didn't realize the half of it. It started to register as familiar face after face showed up for lunch. It was kind of like a high school reunion -- provided you flunked the finals every year and were part of twenty-five senior classes.

I didn't golf this year (I figured if Tiger has to sit out the rest of the season, I should, too.) so the pictures I have are from the dinner that followed. Just as well, in a way, as even more new/old faces appeared there. Even though this is only a fraction of Mattec alumni, it's a sizable fraction and I was sure surprised. Organizers Denny R & Judy had clearly been busy. Of course, Mattec people always have shown a marked attraction for free food.

The last row of pictures show some of Mattec's earlier highlights. There's the first trade show and the first shipment; the first NPE and the 100th shipment. The last picture is of the groundbreaking for Mattec World Headquarters and here's a bonus picture of our move to or from (not sure which) the Ford Circle office. If the "Two Men, Two Boys, and a Truck" concept had caught on, the Mattec story could have been entirely different.

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