Shellee Graham in Springfield - May 7, 2005
I was northwest of Dayton, at my parents, when I headed for Springfield so I grabbed US-40. The Springfield Museum of Art has a rather nice setting just inside a park. Being told that no cameras were allowed (I asked.) didn't surprise me but, when I told them that the purpose was to show the setup to the artist, they decided that a "long shot" might be permitted. Even so, I was accompanied to the gallery and my camera taken to the front desk after a few shots. Very friendly and patient but cautious. The photos are presented in a single, slightly curved room which they fill quite nicely. You travel the road east to west by moving clockwise from the entrance. I have seen some of Shellee's work before but not in this sort of setting. Cool!

The last three pictures have absolutely nothing to do with Shellee's exhibit but there is no question that they belong here. I had already decided that I would almost certainly get to Springfield today when, by pure coincidence, I visited the Roadside America website and was amazed to see that Hartman's Rock Garden, in that very same Springfield, was the "Sight of the week". It had to be fate. Notice that even the fence, which looks like a wooden picket fence, is concrete. The fire pit and chairs were directly across the street from the "rock garden". Looks like a fun neighborhood.

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