Cincinnati Summer of Love Reunion - August 18, 2007
Forty years after the Summer of Love, many of the Cincinnati musicians people in town and way beyond were listening to that year got together for a little reunion. It was a very respectable sampling of bands with regional to national reputations. "Haymarket Riot" is still a working band and were both the organizing force and the labor pool from which musicians were pulled to fill open slots in other groups. "Lemon Pipers" Steve Walmsley and Bob Nave were there and performed their #1 hit Green Tambourine with a little help from their friends. Those friends included a young guitarist who had his own fans in attendance. One of them tapped me on the arm to say "That's my son." I don't recall that ever happening in '67.

Tony Brazis of "Tony and the Bandits" came in from Albuquerque where his musical career continues. Two members of the "Sacred Mushroom", Larry Goshorn and Joe Stewart also hooked up with some friends, including Lemon Piper Nave. Being a "Mushroom" in 2007 takes some concentration but, even though Joe's expression was pretty serious during much of the excellent performance, he was definitely enjoying himself.

And there were some non-musicians, too. Ludlow Garage owner turned Cincinnati councilman Jim Tarbell stopped by and said the turnout was making him consider a Garage 40th year reunion in 2009. "But", he quipped, "I'll need $20 from every body here in the next half hour to book the Allman Brothers." Former WEBN DJ, the "Real" Mary Peale" was there, too. 'EBN had a lot more music and a lot less laugh track back then. Some of the performers had CDs available and there were event T-shirts and some other merchandise. But no twenty-five cent roach clips.

ADDENDUM: Aug 18, 2008 - A page on the 2008 event is here.

G. Parker, Haymarket Riot Haymarket Riot Haymarket Riot Haymarket Riot
Tom Vogel, Haymarket Riot Rick Somboretz, Haymarket Riot Steve Helwig, Haymarket Riot Steve Walmsley, Lemon Pipers
Bob Nave, Lemon Pipers Tony Brazis, Tony and the Bandits Larry Goshorn, Sacred Mushroom Joe Stewart, Sacred Mushroom
Jim Tarbell Mary Peale

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