Cincinnati Summer of Love Reunion II - August 16, 2008
It was just like a combined Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, and Big Brother concert with the minor exception that the headliners weren't there. But the second coming of Cincinnati's Summer of Love Reunion did include Michael Losekamp who, even though he wasn't there when they opened for the Beatles at Crosley Field, was part of the Cyrkle soon after, three of the Lemon Pipers who opened for the Jefferson Airplane in Cincinnati Gardens, and two members of the Sacred Mushroom who opened for Big Brother and the Holding Company in Music Hall. I was at each of those concerts and last night took this picture which, although it was a complete accident, does offer a hint as to what those shows were like to some. I was unable to make it for the first half dozen sets and I'm truly sorry. Not only don't I have any pictures, I've heard enough comments to know I missed some great music. I especially regret missing the Haymarket Riot set because these guys put some major effort into making this thing happen and by all accounts delivered a tremendous performance.

I did arrive in time to catch a very nice set from Tony Brazis who was followed by Them featuring Stan Hertzman and Mary Ellen Tanner. Michael Losekamp & Toni Vest of White Rabbit round out the first row of pictures. It's the Lemon Pipers on the second row starting with Ivan Browne sporting a U.C. Bearcats shirt although I recall something about Miami U. Bob Nave & Steve Walmsley performed at last year's reunion but this is the first they've been on stage with Browne since 1969. The temporary Pipers are Marcos Sastre and Artie Alinikoff. Artie drummed with Lemon Piper predecessors Ivan and the Sabers.

Row three is the Sacred Mushroom. Larry Goshorn and Joe Stewart were in the group that provided a sound track for several Eden Park afternoons. Tim Goshorn was too young to be a Mushroom but he made up for it when he hooked up with brother Larry in Pure Prairie League. Steve Schmidt and Rick Powell were Mushrooms for a night. The last row starts off with Adam Scovanner who did most of the evening's bass work with the Goshorn Brothers but handed the job to Joe when the band turned into the Sacred Mushroom. I've included a couple of outside shots (that's the concert on the screen at the bar) and show a full house (three Pipers and a pair of Mushrooms) to close. My shots of last year's gathering are here.

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