Tin Can Tourists in Springfield - June 7, 2006
Springfield, OH, was one of the stops on the Tin Can Tourists' trip over the National Road and that's where I had a chance to look them over. Ken & and Lana Hindley's 1936 Aerocar was at the front of the lot and that's where I found TCT President Forrest Bone. Forrest (in white) and Ken (in blue) are typical of the entire group in being extremely friendly and rightfully proud of their mobile accommodations. Thirty campers make up the caravan and there is a spotter's guide of sorts here. I signed the caravan banner displayed on the side of the one of a kind Wayzalot that Hardy and Terry Evans built and decorated. Hardy invited me in for a look-see. (I said these folks are friendly.) The ground was wet from rain and a cloud covering didn't help my picture taking at all. When the rain returned, I headed inside Joe's Grille for a good roadie meal. With the rain continuing, I headed home after dinner.

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