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Day 1
Route 66 End to End

Day 2
It's A Lock

August 22, 2004
Another Scenic Byway and another canal boat ride. Also got to drive on the oldest concrete street in the US.

August 21, 2004
The entire length of Route 66 (Ohio style) and plenty of canal sights.

I've certainly gotten some kicks on historic US-66 and I'm sure that more are waiting. But the nearest point of the road that winds from Chicago to LA is about 300 miles away. Another route 66, this one an Ohio state route, is barely fifty miles from my door. It is, admittedly, a weak substitute for the eight state Mother Road, but a drive along the Ohio version was bound to happen. That the southern half of OH-66 comprises the Miami and Erie Canal Scenic Byway helps make up for the absence of Arizona tepees and Oklahoma whales. I was somewhat familiar with the Ohio Byways web site but a friend's mention of it lead to a visit and the discovery of some nice remodeling since I was last there. I also discovered that another scenic byway, Maumee Valley, begins less than 30 miles from the northern end of OH-66. The two byways and the state route with a magical name seemed like natural components of a nice weekend drive.

Of course, I'm not the first person to venture the length of OH-66 and not even the first to devote some cyberspace to it. Here's James C. Schul's version.

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