Ohio Lincoln Highway League 2010 Meeting Locator map

Day 1
Moving North

Day 2

May 1, 2010
A rainy morning cleared by the end of the indoor meeting and the outdoor pillar dedication was a dry one. To my surprise, the rain stayed away as I meandered through Beaverdam and Lima.

April 30, 2010
I booked a room in Findlay, Ohio, just a few miles from the meeting site and headed there on US-42 and US-68. Along the way I had a great breakfast, drove on the oldest concrete street in America, and looked over an only slightly newer bathtub.

Prelude 1 - April 9, 2010
My attendance at the annual meeting of the Ohio Lincoln Highway League has definitely been sporadic. I first attended in 2005 and believe I had sincere intentions of returning the next year. It didn't happen though I can't recall why. In 2007, a trip with some members of the American Road Magazine Forum, on the only weekend the others could make it, interfered. In '08, I made it. Last year's meeting was trumped by a rare chance to enter the never completed Cincinnati subway. It looks clear this year and I'm making plans to attend the meeting in Williamstown on May 1. I toyed with the idea of continuing north after the meeting but ultimately decided to head towards home on the second to attend a concert. I was briefly looking forward to my first visit to Put In Bay. Now I'm looking forward to my first taste of Joe Bonamassa live.

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