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Day 1
Ol' King Coal

Day 2
Two of the Oldest

Day 3
Dam, Incline, & Lincoln

Day 4
A Bit of Forty

June 25, 2005
I picked up US-40 at Uniontown and followed it into Ohio. Visited two Madonna of the Trail monuments and crossed the Wheeling Suspension Bridge.

June 24, 2005
I followed up a visit to the Johnstown Flood National Memorial with a ride on the Johnstown incline then revisited a little of the Lincoln Highway.

June 23, 2005
Start off with the country's oldest brewery and end up surrounded by Harleys. In between I see, but don't ride, the world's oldest roller coaster.

June 22, 2005
A town that has all but vanished and another that has turned a played out mine into a winning tourist attraction.

I have posted previous trips home from central Pennsylvania that were centered around some highway or another. One was primarily along US-6, another US-62, and another the Lincoln Highway. This trip focuses on no single highway but targets some sights that I have been fairly close to and have been interested in but that were just a little too far off of the chosen path. I hope to pick up a few of them on this trip.

I have seen signs and brochures for Johnstown, site of a devastating flood in 1889. I have even driven through the edge of the town but have yet to visit the park and museum there. As it has been for a couple of others, Williamsport, PA, is the starting point of this trip. It's about 50 miles from Centralia, a town that has been cooking atop a coal fire since 1962. The trip will form around this pair of disaster sites. I thought of making it a trio by adding Three Mile Island but learned that the visitor's center there has been permanently closed.

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