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Day 1
Where US was born

Day 2
Real Tourists in Philly

Day 3
Day of Our Dead

Day 4
Delaware Finale

September 23, 2017 (day 4)
The perfect weather continued for our Christina River cruise and a visit to the oldest church in Delaware.

September 22, 2017 (day 3)
We visited some ancestors today although we couldn't tell exactly who's where.

September 21, 2017 (day 2)
Today was touristy all day long. We started with a bus tour and ended with a stroll in an alley.

September 20, 2017 (day 1)
I actually left home yesterday but that day was filled with expressway driving. We got in some sightseeing today and I'm calling it day 1.

Prelude - Sep 16, 2017
Existing knowledge of my maternal grandfather's lineage has long ended at just a couple of generations back. In terms of details it still does but modern DNA testing has linked my immediate Bankson ancestors with a Bengtsson who reached North America from Sweden in the 1600s. How the seventeenth century immigrant connects to the nineteenth century beginning of that branch on my family tree is a complete mystery but a cousin has been working on solving it. Anders Bengtsson lived out his life in the area around what is now Philadelphia so there may be some clues there. That cousin, her sister, and her dad (my uncle) decided to go look. They sort of automatically included in the group because 1) I've done some genealogy tracking in the past and 2) Denny'll go anywhere. We will visit a couple of churches and cemeteries with possible family ties and we will cruise on a replica of the ship our ancestor crossed the Atlantic on. Regardless of whether or not we uncover any of our family's history, we will for sure look over some of our nation's history.

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