Day 2: July 22, 2007
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US-219, WV This is the view that greeted me as I left town and headed north on US-219 - the Seneca Trail. "Almost Heaven..."

Our Lady of the Pines Church, WV I told you that the visit to Ohio's Smallest Church would be important. Our Lady of the Pines Church claims to be "The smallest church in 48 states. That's a number that almost instinctively leads to excluding Alaska and Hawaii. But that church in Ohio sure seems smaller so maybe Ohio is one of the states excluded in the claim. Or maybe there are subtle rules on being a church. Whatever. It is small.

Braddock's Grave, PA Braddock's Grave, PA When US-219 crossed US-40, I turned left and headed north west. It was tempting to turn the other way and visit the original start of the National Road in Cumberland, MD, but I knew I didn't have time for that. I also didn't have time for a stop a Fort Necessity where a banner announced an encampment this weekend. The only National Road related stop I allowed myself was a fairly short one at Braddock's Grave. To hide his body from pursuing French & Indian forces, the general was originally buried in the middle of the path that would become known as Braddock's Road. In 1804, his remains were moved to where the stone monument stands today.

Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh, PA Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh, PA I left Forty at Uniontown and followed PA-51 to the big city. I headed directly to the Heinz History Center. The building is a converted ice warehouse so has a little history of its own. It's an impressive facility.

Book signing, Pittsburgh, PA Book signing, Pittsburgh, PA Book signing, Pittsburgh, PA Book signing, Pittsburgh, PA Book signing, Pittsburgh, PA Brian Butko, who I had first met shortly before in the lot outside, MCed the affair and opened with a Lincoln Highway overview and slide show. He then brought on Bernie Queneau who was one of the Boy Scouts who traveled the Lincoln Highway in 1928 to help set the direction markers and give various safety demonstrations. Bernie recently celebrated his ninety-fifth birthday. After his entertaining reminisces about the trip, Bernie was surprised by a couple of presentations before he could leave the stage. By the way, that's Bernie holding the California flag in the slide projected behind him.

Then photographer Michael Williamson gave us some advise on travel photos ("Take lots.") and Michael Wallis gave us what he called "a spoonful" sample from the new book and "a Sunday sermon" about Americas roads. The "sermon" was a modified version of the speech Michael delivered at the Route 66 awards banquet last month in Clinton. It's one that is appropriate for just about any road loving crowd. Learn more about the book tour here.

Book signing, Pittsburgh, PA Book signing, Pittsburgh, PA After the "formal" activities, a bit of milling about occurred and I did get to check out some of the museum's displays. One of those is a temporary display of Pulitzer Prize winning photos. It's not a display you move through quickly.

From the second floor, I spotted Bernie waiting to have the two Michaels sign his copy of their book. Then I got a picture of Sarah Butko, Brian's wife and co-author of the hot off the presses "Roadside Attractions", autographing a copy. That blurred face in the background is editor Kyle Weaver. I believe that the blur comes from his own rapid movement or maybe, as Brian sometimes suspects, Kyle really does hover over his shoulder.

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