Day 1: January 27, 2017
Snowless in Nashville

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They can't really be seen in the photo but there are a few snowflakes in the air and that white patch on the left is made up of a minor accumulation of them. As explained in the trip cover page, this is basically the second shot at some events that were snowed out a year ago. There was never any danger of a reoccurrence but snow was on my mind.

Within a few miles of leaving Cincinnati anything that even looked like a snowflake was gone and blue skies were appearing long before I reached Nashville.

I initially bypassed Nashville and drove on to my motel in Franklin. When I returned it was to stay for the evening. I parked about a block from the Ryman and took this picture of its backside as I walked to Broadway. I then crossed over Broadway to catch a view of the honky tonks.

Back on the northwest side of the street I was quickly reminded of just how early weekends start here. Tootsie's and Robert's were packed and it was band changing time at the Second Fiddle. I found some space and music at the Stage. It was actually some really good music but you know I've a fondness for female fiddlers.

Beyond the original honky tonks are some newish places that only look country. The music leans more toward rock and roll. I paused briefly inside the Tin Roof and the Whiskey Bent Saloon. I paused much longer at Acme Feed and Seed where the Eight O'Five Jive was just taking the stage. Neither country nor rock, it's great entertainment.

I captured a few signs as I walked back toward the Ryman. The "Music City Tonight" sign is inside Robert's Western World where I downed a cheeseburger and a PBR. I had to leave just as a personal favorite, Don Kelly, was starting to set up.

This was my third time at the Grand Ole Opry and every one has been at the Ryman which it returns to for several shows each winter. I can't imagine why I would ever want to go to that other place. The current format is four half hour shows with a host and two supporting acts each. Show one was hosted by John Conlee with Sarah Darling and Mike Snider. Next up was Jeannie Seely with Granger Smith and Terri Clark supporting.

Show three, following a short intermission, was hosted by Ricky Skaggs and included The Whites and Ned LeDoux. Yes, Ricky is starting to look like Billy Graham. Many times my photos improve during a session as I sort things out but not this time. The night's final host, Craig Morgan, is hardly recognizable and neither is Jesse McReynolds who is celebrating fifty-three years as an Opry member. The last shot is of American Idol winner Trent Harmon making his first Opry appearance.

After th show I again passed by Tootsie's front door but there was now a long line stretching from it. I did get in through the alley entrance and even worked my way to the upstairs stage but found myself packed in by people having more fun than I ever will again. I found a stool at the tiny but surprisingly uncrowded between floors bar and downed another PBR. It's a room with a view.

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