Day 5: October 31, 2015
Conferring II

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There was a great turnout for the 8:00 AM Route 66 e-group breakfast hosted by Mike & Sharon Ward.

Conference presentations kicked of at 10:00 AM with Dr. Nick Gerlich's "Cultural Heritage Tourism: Why People Travel Route 66". Jim Hinckley followed with "Building a Route 66 Community" which was followed by a break for lunch. Lunch took a little longer than it should have which meant I was quite late to the "Cross-State Collaboration" presentation given by Robert Gehl and Jim Thole. I made it to today's "Traveling Route 66" discussion with Jerry McClanahan, Jim Ross, and moderator Shellee Graham. Note that I'm mentioning only the presentations that I attended. There were usually two simultaneous sessions which meant making choices. Jim and Jerry held a similar discussion yesterday while I was listening to Swa Frantzen. The last official conference event was the debut of Exit Zero Glenrio, a video by Unoccupied Route 66. After the showing, Dr. Nick Gerlich, who wrote Exit Zero and did much of the on screen work, and K C Keefer, who handled the camera and most things behind it, spoke about the film and fielded questions.

The post-conference Roadie Bash was a great success and a ton of fun. Generously co-hosted by Dr. Nick Gerlich and "Roamin' Rich" Dinkela, about half of the guests wore costumes and there were some dandies. I was in the un-costumed half. Knowing that there would be plenty of real photographers there, I almost went un-cameraed but grabbed a small pocket camera at the last moment. There are plenty of really good photos on the internet though I don't know how to link to them. Here are my snapshots of Melba, Nadine, Swa, & Renee; Pat; Jim & Fred; Shellee; and co-host Rich as Route 66 icon Ernie Edwards.

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