Day 7: November 2, 2015
Wrapping It Up

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I spent the night at the edge of Olney, Illinois. I was somewhat aware of it being home to a colony of white squirrels but the fact that it was also the site of some solar power pioneering was a total surprise. 1902 was a big year in Olney history. When I passed the First National Bank's squirrel statue on the way to photograph the squirrel and solar power markers in the city park, I assumed it was just one of many. My assumption that decorated squirrel statues populate Olney like painted pigs do Cincinnati was soon proven wrong as I cruised through downtown without seeing even one more. I detoured slightly on the way out of town to photograph the sculpture I'd shunned earlier.

The fog seen in the background of the solar power and squirrel pictures really closed in as I pulled back onto US-50. It gave way in a half-dozen miles but that was a tease. In just about a mile it reappeared and hid the road for several more miles.

Near Shoals, Indiana, Overlook Park overlooks the White River's East Fork. Jug Rock stands a half-mile beyond on the other side of the road. An Indiana hoodoo. Who knew?

The photo of Bo-Mac's was taken facing west because I initially drove past and had to turn back. It's on the eastern edge Shoals. The drive-in opened in 1960 and I imagine that's when the fantastic neon sign went up. I sat down at one of the picnic tables before realizing that curb service was available but in the warm sun was quite alright. I ordered onion rings because they were one of two signature items touted on the front of the menu (The other was coneys.) and a tenderloin sandwich because this is Indiana. Although batter dipped isn't my favorite style, the rings really were good and a whole lot better than something frozen from a bag. The generic pork patty was a little disappointing but I think I probably goofed in ordering. As I later realized, the menu listed both a "breaded tenderloin" and a "monster tenderloin" and it's possible that the "monster" would have really impressed me.

The excellent weather continued and US-50 between Shoals and Cincinnati is definitely an enjoyable drive but it's a somewhat familiar one. Table #3 seems a fine place to end the journal.

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