Day 0: June 13, 2003
Poised Near Chi-Town



In 1999, an unexpected delay in starting out left me working off some nervous energy until I could hit the road. Some of that energy went into a page of non-travel pictures including one of a pair of wallets. I had just put a brand new wallet (and contents) through the washer and had replaced it with a nearly identical one. The newest has served me well through nearly four years and isn't exactly worn out although there are ample signs of wear. But the one that was so soggy in 1999 has had plenty of time to dry out so I thought I'd at last treat it to the intended ride down 66. Here, in reversed roles, are the same two wallets that appeared in the 1999 opening picture.

I am now in a surprisingly crowded Merrillville, IN, ready to drive to the currently recognized east end of Route 66 in the morning. After lots of rain right through this morning, the clouds parted and the sun was shining when I left home - top down. It put the right spin on the start but was only temporary. Rain hit before Indianapolis and the rest of the day was in a closed car. There were no big photo ops on the way up but I did get one shot of the car in a wet rest area where I stopped to - aaaahh - rest. Merrillville has plenty of motels but there is some big golf event near here this weekend so there are also plenty of golfers. I stopped at four motels before I found a room.

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