Day 6: June 19, 2003



After passing through Albuquerque, open country and eye catching landscape filled the morning.

When we stopped at Budville in 1999, it was pretty cluttered. Mike, who owns and operates Kings Cafe just up the road, had just bought it and was starting his cleanup. It's looking good now. Mike was on the job when I stopped in to say hello and I relaxed a bit while chatting with him and a new acquaintance named Tom.

You can't see it in the picture, but it was just starting to rain as I reached the Continental Divide so, naturally, I pulled up to the sign and snapped a quick picture before closing the car. You know how it works: Rain on the driver's side goes to the Pacific and passenger side rain heads to the Atlantic.

Here is one of those "How did we miss this?" sort of places. Just barely off of Route 66 near Gallup, Red Rock State Park contains and is surrounded by some phenomenal rock formations. The park's center piece is a rodeo stadium with some of those rocks as background. I drove through Gallup twice in 1999 and didn't have a clue this existed.

The sixth branch off of US 66 starts in Gallup and is often called the Devil's Highway. Because of "negative connotations" associated with the "number of the beast" designation, the route has recently been renamed but they still have a lot of signs to change.

Pictures of a well known and a not so well known Holbrook, AZ, business. The well known is the Wigwam Motel where vintage autos are put to good use enhancing the period appearance. Less widely known is Kester's Bug Shop just down the road. It was the Bug Shop's owner who spotted our bulging tire in 1999. The bug on a stick (a real Beetle on top of a steel pole) that caught our eye four years ago was gone but other interesting VWs were plentiful. Even the camper that I mentioned but couldn't show in 1999 was there. No one was around but there were signs that the shop was still a going concern so I left a hello card.

Here is one of the best known attractions on Route 66 - or at least it is one of the best known signs. The Jack Rabbit Trading Post still draws visitors with that long eared silhouette. It brought me in for a pint of Cherry Cider for a buck. Not a bad deal at all.

What hath Glenn Frey wrought? That one line from a song has made standing on a corner the thing to do in Winslow. The guitarist on a corner was dedicated on September 11, 1999. Exactly two years later, events in New York City resulted in the twisted metal that is standing on another Winslow corner. There is, of course, no connection between the dates although it is an interesting connection between the city's two corner displays.

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