Day 8: June 21, 2003
Big Water at the End of the Road



Sometimes it's really tough to know if you are on the right road. Sometimes it's not.

In the area around Cadiz, several miles of roadside are covered with graffiti of sorts. Names are placed on the side of a low ridge using something that was around long before spray paint - rocks. It is a form of immortality for people like Joey, Ken, and Belinda's boyfriend.

I stopped for lunch at the Bagdad Cafe. The building existed when an official U.S. 66 ran by here but only gained fame much later. Andrea and the other folks around the cafe make it a really fun and interesting place to visit. Unlike most of the places where I've stopped, most visitors come to the cafe via a nearby expressway exit and with no Route 66 connection at all.

A California version of the "Sleep in a Teepee" motel.

ADDENDUM: (30-JUN-2004) This place was not particularly inviting when these pictures were taken but I understand that new owners would soon start improvements. Those improvements affect both the physical property and the motel's image. I haven't been back yet but other visitors report that the current owners have done a very nice job and that Route 66 travelers might once again want to consider staying here. Rialto Wigwam Village

The popularly accepted end of the road, Santa Monica Boulevard and Ocean, and a shot at the intersection of Lincoln & Olympic where the original actually stopped.

And now for something completely different. I just made it to the motel in time for the caravan kick off meeting but I did make it. In the picture, Captain Hib Halverson is getting ready to call the winner in a "split the pot" drawing but a bit earlier he, and co-captain Paul Mariano had passed on some real information. The drive home starts tomorrow.

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