Day 10: June 23, 2003
Tucumcari Tonight



The Days Inn parking lot was filled with Corvettes ready for the second day of the caravan. Following the 7:15 driver's meeting, Captain Paul directed the cars to the street. That car in front of me really is from Hawaii but it was shipped, not driven, to the caravan start.

The day's drive started with lots of beautiful but rugged Arizona landscape to look at along with some man made structures designed to catch your eye and your dollar.

Then we crossed into New Mexico and the vast spaces continued to impress. A picture might show the shape and color of the landscape but it simply cannot convey the size. A roadside windsock does seem a bit out of place but New Mexico has them and they are not just for show. Crosswinds were quite noticeable in spots as we headed to Albuquerque.

Somewhat recent construction in Albuquerque, had not been figured into the printed route instructions and finding lunch was a little challenging for some. The group the I happened to be running with was met by a local Corvette whose driver signaled the lead car to follow. With this help, we did make it to Galles Chevrolet where lunch awaited. The lot was filled with Corvettes from the caravan plus some very nice local vehicles. Many from members of Rio Grande Corvette Club. The Galles show room was pressed into service as a dining hall and stage where the Ballet En Fuego dancers entertained. Outside, a total of four local radio stations were in attendance.

Departure was delayed half an hour to compensate for the confusion coming in so it was 3:30 when the official caravan left Albuquerque. Then it was onto Tucumcari where some very friendly folks directed us into the lot and building. I passed on the chance to have a photo taken in front of the really neat Route 66 Monument at the center but quite a few cars and drivers struck poses there. Another fine meal, this one centered on beef brisket, and a live band. The band started outside but high winds and the threat of rain brought them inside.

Before that rain materialized, the parking lot provided another chance to check out some of the cars we are traveling with. This was the first time I had seen an original '53 beside the current version. My understanding is that if you would like your own C5 to look like the 1953 model, that can be accomplished for something approximating the price of the original car - the C5 not the C1.

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