Day 13: June 26, 2003



Lots of Corvettes (I heard an unconfirmed 700) staging at Bale's Chevrolet. Inside (i.e., crappy pictures) Captain John gave the final day's briefing. SoCalCar had a single banner made and Captain Hib played auctioneer to convert the one of a kind item to cash for the NCM. I failed to get the name of the winner or even the amount of the final bid but I did hear the bidding go through the $500 level.

ADDENDUM: I did eventually learn that Wallace & Marilyn Hicks had purchased the banner with a wining bid of $700.

I said that I would get a picture of Tuesday's Australian passenger but I hadn't expected it to be with balloons. Several door prizes were given out at Bale's and Garth was lucky enough to win one of the table directions - a Corvette roadster. Too bad that all of the Australian travelers can't get a ride with Garth but many of them crowded around the new car anyway. I just couldn't resist the picture of George, an Aussie clearly getting with the Chevrolet spirit.

On the way out of Little Rock, our last organized "launch", the rear view mirror was always filled with 'Vettes and overpasses often held waving well wishers.

My Nashville hotel is the first I won't have to check out of in the morning after a string of thirteen consecutive one night stands. It's a very short walk to the Flying Saucer with a very impressive selection of beer. I didn't get a count but a clue is the fact that a plate with your name is hung on the wall after you've consumed 200 different flavors. And honestly folks, I did not pick the hotel for this reason. Next I walked down to the Cumberland River for a glimpse at the stadium and back up Broadway for a few more stops. Tootsie's is one of the Honky Tonks (so labeled on maps) whose back doors face Ryman Auditorium and where Opry performers could once find refreshment before, between, and after. Music pours from every door and singing on a corner isn't at all unusual. This town is dripping with musical talent.

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