Day 14: June 27, 2003
The GM Show



Cows, pigs, and horses and now, all around Nashville, catfish.

A couple of Nashville landmarks with decidedly different appearances. The Gaylord Entertainment Center looks somewhat futuristic and the reproduction of Fort Nashborough has that two centuries ago look.

Lots of Corvettes and a fair amount of people at Adelphia Coliseum. Loooooong lines at every food stand, several people at the number 50 car just back from Le Mans, but no one studying the 105 horsepower Chevrolet Aveo. Perhaps something to do with the event's demographics.

I have been following and occasionally communicating with Ray Ehly, Jr. as he visited all 50 states on the way to the party. With the aid of cell phones, we managed to meet at the coliseum. Check out Ray's site at to see how one man and one Corvette drove the entire union in 63 days 4 hours and 21 minutes. Chris arrived a bit later and she, Ray, Karen & I shared a few stories and downed a couple of brews.

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