These are pictures of the very first Corvette that I remember seeing. I recall sitting in it but can't honestly remember if I ever actually rode in it. I knew it was neat and somehow different from other cars although I probably didn't quite understand how. As I remember, it was the little round knobs that served as door latch handles that made the biggest impression on me.

The car belonged to my uncle Dean (Yep, the same uncle who owns the green T pictured in the T2Tampa trip.) around 1957-58. It was one of the unfortunate 1954s that did not live to see the 50th anniversary. As I recall, Dean fell asleep coming home from a wedding reception and the car met its demise against a guard rail on the outside of a sharp curve. Injuries to the occupants were fairly minor but the Corvette was beyond repair.

The picture of the car on the wrecker was sent to me by Uncle Dean during this trip and I took that as an OK to post it. The other three were taken by my Dad.