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5035 5408 Miles To Bowling Green
Rt66in03 at DennyGibson.com
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The Federation is the only nation-wide, non-profit organization working to save the entire stretch of Route 66 and a good source for maps, etc. I became a member only a few months before the 1999 trip so did not have much experience with their quarterly magazine when I took that ride. I've remained a member ever since and find each issue almost more interesting than the last. A very nice publication and a great organization. The two place fiberglass bodied sports car that General Motors launched in 1953 has become a bright jewel in the General's crown. At first glance, the current model might seem to have little in common with the original but just try to name another American automobile that has continued in even the same form factor for fifty years.
It's from Belgium and calls itself the oldest Route 66 site on the web. Very nice site with truly usable online maps and directions. Evidence that Route 66 reaches far beyond its 2400 mile length. In 1981, Corvette production moved from St. Louis to a new facility in Bowling Green and thirteen years later, the National Corvette Museum opened across the street. This combination makes it possible for a new owner to take possession at the museum. Something no other American car can offer.
This site really look promising but is currently a bit "uneven". Prudent folks normally get thing together offline but there is a prominent "excuse our mess" disclaimer that I hope explains the broken links I encountered. Other aspects of the site look current and well maintained so I'll leave it here and keep an eye on it.

ADDENDUM: Sep 19, 2012 - This domain, route66.com, has been acquired by Pops soda shop in Arcadia, Oklahoma. I have left the link here though it no longer references a general Route 66 resource.

Taking its name from the customer support team that operated from the Bowling Green plant from 1988 through 1995, this CAC offers a well organized combination of knowledge, forums, and shopping. The site's owners say they consider it "a major informational repository" and my limited experience supports that plus a lot of information gets exchanged through the forums.
Over seventy web sites dealing with Historic Route 66 are reachable through this ring and the count is climbing. Ring members include government agencies, individuals, and commercial enterprises. Some sites are professionally designed and quite slick while other are decidedly less so. Ease of navigation varies from the totally unhindered to the fairly heavy popup bombardment associated with ad supported web space. But that's what Web Rings do: Bring together a wide variety of sites that are connected by their subject. Accurately describes itself as "an enthusiast site". The majority of menu items are under the "Community" or "Mall" headings and that seems pretty accurate, too. You can chat with folks on any Corvette topic and any model Corvette or you can do some shopping.
Illinois Missouri Kansas Oklahoma Texas New Mexico Arizona California Click on state Not all of the eight states through which Route 66 passed have "official" organizations or web sites. At least none that are easily identified. But every one of those states has people who are proud of their state's connection to the highway and who are working to promote it in one way or another. Of course, some of the sites in the Historic Route 66 Web Ring focus on a single state but here I have selected one site for each state. These sites can be reached by clicking on the map or the following links: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. This organization remains quite active with various gatherings throughout the year. The flagship event is the NCM's Birthday Bash which is co-hosted by the registry. Lots of information on the web site and a members only news group style mailing list allows members to exchange information and opinions. Just as the name indicates, the focus is on the 5th generation Corvette so it is unclear what will be the role of the registry once the C6 becomes the current model.
Rt66in03 at DennyGibson.com

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