Day 8: August 1, 2012
White Balance Ate My Homework
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I stayed here last night and believe that this non-working sign is the motel's best feature. It wasn't a disaster but it isn't a place I'll be staying at again. No, I wasn't spoiled by last night's luxury and I've spent nights in worse places when there were no other choices. That isn't the case here.

Since I was here five years ago, The Lake Overholser bridge has been closed, refurbished, and reopened. It looks the same but is safer. The park was almost new on that 2007 visit and still looks new. That is a duplicate of the Foyil, Oklahoma, Andy Payne statue in the background.

El Reno, Oklahoma, is filled with restaurants and diners that are famous for their onion burgers. I'm not aware of any that are particularly known as breakfast spots. Sid's seemed promising and I was not disappointed. The food was good and so was the conversation. Seems I need to visit Galveston, Texas, someday. The last picture has absolutely nothing to do with Sid's or breakfast. I just thought it interesting that El Reno has trolley tracks in the center of the street.

This is the way Route 66 is supposed to look in Oklahoma. Note the cast drain in the lower right of the first picture. Other travelers reported the pony bridge closed for paving on Monday. It was all clear and looking good on Wednesday.

The real and the reproduction. One for memories. One for 'burgers.

There have been some changes at the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma, but they aren't terribly dramatic. I believe that most changes involve new and updated displays on the road's recent history. Mister, we could use a man like Jack Cutberth again.

Another Route 66 Museum is just up the road in Elk City, Oklahoma. Although the main entrance has been relocated to a new building, I think the Route 66 section remains much the same as on my first visit. Outside, even the resident gold fish were hiding from the sun and the heat.

While at the museum in Clinton I managed to switch my camera's white balance control from automatic to something else. This was completly accidental and shows that, not only do I not know enough to use white balance control, I don't know enough to not use it. The result was a strange blue tint to all photos taken without flash or with the camera in fully automatic mode. I did take some pictures between Elk City and day's end in McLean, Texas, but almost all were weird looking and none were of things I haven't photographed and posted before.

I have photographed and posted the interior of the Cactus Inn in McLean, Texas, before but I stayed in a different room this time so here's another interior shot. It was in this room that the white balance fiasco came to an end.

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