Day 12: August 5, 2012
Into Arizona
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In Holbrook, Arizona, Joe & Aggie's looked solidly closed and Wigwam Village #6 looked solidly open -- and busy. From others I know that Joe & Aggie's is generally open so it must have been a Sunday thing. At the west end of town, Kester's Bug Shop appears to still be operating although no one was there. The bug-based camper that we saw here in 1999 remains and remains for sale. With an asking price of $8500, I'm guessing that it will keep on remaining for awhile.

The Jack Rabbit Trading Post was also closed but their website indicates they are still operating so I'm guessing it was just another Sunday thing.

As I entered Winslow, Arizona, I was surprised to see neither a flag nor the World Trade Center girders at Remembrance Garden. A sign at the spot informed me that the girders were being moved just a short distance down the road. They now stand in a larger park, with some real parking area, at the point where Route 66 splits onto two one-way streets. The park contains other items including the date medallion from a 1939 bridge that carried US-66. A readable version of the plaque is here.

The first picture seems to be a required one ever since they filled the intersection with the big US-66 shield. That's Standing on the Corner Park at the top of the shield. In October of 2004, the building on which the mural backing the park is painted burned. The behind-the-scenes picture shows how it has been converted to a free-standing one-walled building. It also shows the park's true purpose which is providing a corner to stand on and a statue to stand next to. Not everyone stands but most do and shiny shoulders are the result.

When I booked my room at La Posada about three weeks ago, I was able to select a room with a step-out balcony. One of the first things I did was step out to take some pictures. I then spent some time strolling about the gardens, the croquet court, and some of the hotel before returning to my room. The interior shot is of the ballroom. I've stayed here once before in 2005. On that stay, I ate breakfast in the Turquoise Room so that I could experience it and avoid the high end dinner prices. That hadn't been much of an issue since nothing on the menu had really tempted me. But this time two items tugged at me and I succumbed. The two items were halibut and elk. I ultimately opted for the Colorado farm raised elk with huckleberry sauce. Excellent.

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