Day 18: August 11, 2012
Just Running 'Round the Town
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* The festival was in full swing today but, rather than returning to the fairgrounds, I checked out some sites in the Victorville area. My travel was a little disjointed so I'm presenting the subjects in geographic rather than chronological order. Lets pretend that I drove directly to the Double R Bar ranch then worked my way back to the motel.

The Double R Bar isn't exactly on Sixty-Six but it's close. Apparently Roy and Dale never actually lived here though they did keep horses here and visited frequently.

Many people were still eating breakfast when I stopped at Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe around 11:30. I wimped out on trying a Brian Burger but did down a very tasty Holland Burger. It's clear that both Shawna and Brian Gentry have a bunch of fun running this place. So much, in fact, that I'm not really sure whether Shawna's closed eyes are intentional or not. It makes no difference now but I'm curious. The informative plaque on that marker can be read here.

My next stop was at the Victorville Route 66 Museum. Their exhibits include the lovely lady that gave Miles Mahan's Hula Ville its name.

There is no doubt what road you are on when you pass through Victorville.

There were a couple of vehicles parked at the Green Spot Motel but I couldn't really tell whether or not and part of it was in use. The 1937 classic is about a block off of Sixty-Six and was once "quot;the finest motel in town". Drew Knowles has a great article about the place over at the university.

Here I am with my table mates at the Saturday night banquet. Larry & Dale Banks are wild bikers from Missouri. Larry and I have met online but this was our first meeting in the analog world. Renee, Dave, Melba, & Brenda were on the other side of the table. I always appreciate an opportunity to confer with knowledgeable and serious fans of the Mother Road.

John McDonald got Saturday's banquet off to a rousing musical start and the excellent a cappella group (whose name I failed to get) kept it going. Michael Wallis closed things out with his "State of the Road" speech. There were a few other speeches and several awards in between which Elrond Lawrence has documented quite well in an article posted at

I've heard Michael speak a few times and not always on Route 66. I live far enough from Sixty-Six to risk confessing a "where's the emperor's clothes?" impression about some of those times. A cynical me started to see Michael as more of a celebrity and performer than as an advocate. Early in Saturday's speech, he announced that "Tonight I feel better about Route 66 than I ever have" and somewhere along the line I kind of started to agree with him. He praised this year's summit meeting in a way that made me believe him. Seeing David Knudsen active on the scene helped. And so did hearing and seeing Dan Rice's sincerity. Maybe there is some hope for a little unity some day. I'm not holding my breath but neither am I completely writing off the possibility which is something I've really been inclined to do.

I'm going to end this page by quoting myself twice. On the eighth day of this trip I posted a picture of a briefcase in a museum and paraphrased Edith & Archie with "Mister, we could use a man like Jack Cutberth again". Maybe Dan's the man. Before heading back to my room, I told Michael that "I don't know if that's the best speech you ever made but it was the best one I've ever heard you make."

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