Day 19: August 12, 2012
South from the Summit
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Just one more (Route 66) thing. The historic Summit Inn, known in recent years for their ostrich eggs and meat, seemed the perfect place for breakfast as I headed south. I ordered the ostrich omelet and was told there were no ostrich eggs. The farmer who supplied both eggs and meat had just died and no one at the restaurant yet knew what would happen in the future. They were also out of the ostrich sausage normally used for breakfast but they did have some patties used in sandwiches. So I got a hybrid omelet. Chicken eggs, broken up ostrich patty, cheese, and avocado. Close enough.

It took me awhile to figure out what the gizmo in on the counter in front of me was. Back when they worked, theses hi-tech devices answered questions for a penny -- and made a profit.

From the summit, I headed south on the expressway to connect with family. It wasn't ugly expressway. It was actually quite scenic and rather pleasant except for some pockets of congestion. Southern California is a very attractive place to live and some true bedroom communities have developed,

My sailor son lives in San Diego and, although he was out of town, the wife and sons were home. I reached San Diego in early afternoon and was able to spend a goodly part of the day with them. That's my daughter-in-law and grandsons in the first picture; Me and the boys in the second.

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