Day 24: August 17, 2012
A Really Big Shoe
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Though it's showing its age just a bit, a rather nice marker welcomed me to Texas.

This is in the town of Muleshoe, Texas. The Garmin App pinpointed the spot in the first picture as the location of the World's Largest Muleshoe but I found nothing of the kind in the immediate area. On a hunch, I returned to the west side of town where I'd noticed a muleshoe shape standing by the road. I'd been heading for the GPS indicated location so had driven on by it. Sure enough, a plaque identified the big shoe in the second picture as the World's Largest. It looks like the Roadside America story just needs some updating. In their photo, the mule statue is standing on a stone pedestal at what appears to be the spot where the tall shoe currently stands. This shoe was erected in 1994 and I'm guessing that the statue was moved downtown at that time. The object that the new shoe apparently displaced as the World's Largest Muleshoe remains nearby and it still resembles the golden arches. McDonald's Hamburgers and Muleshoe, Texas, do both start with an 'M'.

US-70 goes to two lanes as it leaves Muleshoe and this picture was taken not far from town. I believe this is the first two-lane US-70 I've seen this trip.

Perhaps this is where those guys (if any) that crashed near Roswell were headed.

Back in 2006, I attempted to visit a little "museum" kept by Jerry Lee Lewis' sister next to her drive-through liquor store. The attempt was not successful because Frankie, Jerry Lee's sister, was out of town. When I learned that Waylon Jenning's brother had a little "museum" in his own drive-through liquor store barely twenty miles off of US-70, I naturally headed that way. I had better luck with Waylon than I had with Jerry. Although James, the brother, wasn't there, his daughter, to whom he had sold the store was. She helped me find Canadian Club in a plastic bottle to replenish my supply and made sure I signed the guestbook. She said her dad still comes by the store now and then toward the end of the day. Waylon's first guitar is on display along with lots of pictures and other artifacts. History and inventory peacefully coexist.

How many other siblings of famous musicians operate drive-through liquor stores? Check out's stories on James and Frankie's places here and here.

Between Floydada and Paducah, Texas, US-62 and US-70 share pavement so I must have driven by here on Christmas Day 2009 but I don't recall seeing Bob's Oil Well. Weather and poor road conditions are my excuse. Read Bob's story here.

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