Day 5: November 5, 2016
A Morning Walk

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With some time to spare before the start of the race, I paid a visit to the Center of the Universe just a couple of blocks aay. Who wouldn't?

Among the pre-race activities was a "red carpet" where participants could take pictures against a DAV 5K background. As race time neared, all the competitors -- plus me -- gathered behind the start-finish banner. As in Cincinnati, a police led motorcycle ride-by precedes the race.

And away we go, passing the BOK Center about a half mile in. I had just enough breath to move my body forward as this uniformed group passed me by singing marching cadences. Cincinnati came just before the two mile mark and a water station. The Blue Dome wasn't far beyond. I finished in 1:03:36 which only 372 of the 390 finishers beat.

One advantage of my pace is reduced waiting for the award ceremonies. The last picture is of a group of veterans taking the Spartan Pledge. The pledge is one of the ways people are working to stem the epidemic level number of suicides among veterans.

Once the activities were over at Guthrie Green, I checked out of my hotel and returned to Route 66. I first photographed this sign just days before it was removed from its original perch in 2004. These photos were taken just days after new clocks were mounted. Clocks were part of the original sign but were already long gone by my 2004 visit. I leaned of the addition from this article.

It's strange but true that this was my first time stopping at Happy Burger in Sapilpa, Oklahoma. I'd had breakfast at the hotel plus a banana and bagel at the 5K so wasn't at all hungry. I went inside intending to get just an iced tea but changed my mind before the girl could return my change. I left with the tea and a 'burger. I doubt the 'burger was all that happy when I got done with it but I certainly was.

I knew that Dawn wasn't there and I was even less hungry than at my Happy Burger stop so I took that first picture intending to only do a drive-by of the Rock Cafe. In the end though, I just couldn't do it and pulled into the lot. Here I did leave with only iced tea but I learned something new. What had been the main door near the front is now marked "EXIT" and the "ENTRANCE" is now a door to the rear that leads into the hall of a thousand names.

I knew there was a good chance I'd miss Joel Rayburn at Tourist Trap Tees and I did. The place is at least as well known as the home of Glassboy Studios and there is a fine example of Joel's neon work in a side window. As I walked back to my car, I noticed the creative paving immediately in front of the shop. I'm not sure how much bottle cap reinforcement helps preserve concrete but maybe it helps.

Yesterday my buddy John sent me a link to a list of a top brewery in each state as ranked by Foursquare. The article is here. He suggested I see how many I could visit on the way home. When I checked into my motel and realized that the pick for Oklahoma was a half dozen miles away, it was obvious that there was no time like the present. The Foursquare winner for Oklahoma is Anthem Brewing in Oklahoma City. Though not spectacular, the taproom was nice and the three beers I tried ere all quite good.

Ann's Chicken Fry House is on Historic Route 66 and I've passed it several time but had never stopped. Since it was more or less between the brewery and the motel this seemed like the right time to give it a try. Chicken in the Rough originated in Oklahoma City and I initially thought the Ann's was once a Chicken in the Rough restaurant but soon learned I was wrong. Ann's does do fried chicken but their speciality is chicken fried steak. That's what I ordered and it was good. I ate more than half and even took a picture but showing gravy covered meal is rather would be rather embarrassing so here's a slightly fuzzy picture of Kukla, Ollie, and ET instead.

My motel for the night was the Lincoln Inn Express which I liked quite a bit. I failed to get an exterior photo but here's my room.

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