Day 6: November 6, 2016
Rain, Fog, and Texas

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I got the day started by heading straight toward the Oklahoma capitol under a cool looking sky.

I'd been thinking of breakfast at Sid's in El Reno but changed my mind when I spotted Jim's Diner in Bethany. I recognized it from being listed on and opted for something new rather than a repeat. My mushroom & Swiss omelet was excellent.

I've referenced the dining and lodging lists at Route 66 News several times on this trip. It gives no details beyond location but the lists are actively maintained, provide a link to each business' website or a review, and the fact that it's on the list means it has some connection to the road.

This is where I would have eaten breakfast if Jim's hadn't popped up.

This could be my last time driving across this 1933 South Canadian River bridge near Bridgeport, Oklahoma. Ruled "structurally deficient", the bridge will likely be closed to traffic within the next few years but it might be retained as a pedestrian bridge due to its historic significance. Its 38 spans add up to a 3944 foot length which is more than enough to allow a dry start and a rainy finish.

The rain became steady and continued for quite some time. I didn't exactly do a drive-by of Lucille's but I stayed in the car. I did the same thing at the Sandhills Curiosity Shop in Erick, Oklahoma, but I drove close and slow to check for any signs of life. I know Harley has returned on at least a few occasions since Annabelle died but its not currently a full time operation.

I believe Water Hole #2 has been empty every time I've passed it it the past but at the end of 2012 Masel Zimmerman opened Tumbleweeds Grill and Country Store and filled the place with original art and souvenirs. Food and drinks are also available.

Rain was down to a drizzle when I reached Shamrock, Texas, where I did a park-and-click across from the U-Drop Inn. Shortly beyond Shamrock, ground hugging fog set in making the Cactus Inn in McLean almost invisible. The fog started lifting around Groom but it wasn't long until dark clouds moved in. I'm including the fuzzy shot of Cadillac Ranch as a reminder that I could have had a pretty decent picture if I'd only stopped, framed, and focused.

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