Day 8: November 8, 2016
NM & AZ Drive-Bys

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It was the Sands Motel that I called home last night. Clean and comfortable and, at under $40 total, the sort of bargain that is becoming increasingly scarce. The good looking sign tops thinks off nicely. My room is here.

All Holbrook photos are of the drive-by variety.

I actually stopped and parked in Winslow so that I could get a picture of the Glenn Frey statue that was added to Standing on the Corner Park in September. For many tourists that has doubled the work as they must now pose next to the Frey statue in addition to the not-officially Jackson Brown statue that has been there since the park opened in 1999.

These are from-a-paused-car photos which are one notch above drive-by shots. Note that while I did little more than pause at Two Guns, others were doing fairly serious exploring.

More from-a-paused-car photos at Twin Arrows.

I anticipated visiting another "best in state" in Flagstaff but Mother Road Brewing is closed until 5:00 on Tuesday. Maybe I can work a stop in on the return trip.

In Seligman I actually parked and walked about to get pictures of Angel and Vilma's Gift Shop and the Snow Cap. John handed me a cone and change after offering hole and half cone options and before offering some used napkins.

I am now back to full-on drive-bys starting with the arch and Pine Country Restaurant in Williams. Then it's DeSoto's in Ash Fork, the Frontier Motel in Truxton, the Hackberry General Store, and Giganticus Headicus.

It was still light out when I checked into this room at the Hill Top Motel in Kingman but the sun was gone by the time I headed out for dinner.

I first stopped at Black Bridge Brewery then headed on east to the Garlic Clove. I was familiar with both of these places from my last visit to Kingman in 2014. I was also familiar with the Celebrations building from 2014 but at that time it didn't have those cool neon lights. The Kingman Club sign was there but unlit. It was restored in 2015 and the House of Hops now operates beneath it. The House of Hops has an impressive beer selection and a method unlike any I've seen for keeping beverages cold for bar sitters.

The places in the previous panel are all one block away from Historic Route 66 on Beale Street. Here's a newly restored sign on Route 66 that I shot as I headed back to my motel.

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