Day 9: November 9, 2016
Into California

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A meeting of the minds (Chery Eichar Jett, Steve, Judy & Jim Hinkley) in Kingman. I apologize for not getting Steve's last name or remembering his title. He works with Jim on Kingman related videos.

Fortified by breakfast and good conversation, I headed west on Oatman Road happy to not be pedaling a bicycle.

Then it was up and over the pass.

I drove through the heart of Oatman and parked near the west edge of town. A twelve-legged welcoming committee was waiting when I got out of the car. I dodged them -- and others -- and walked back through town to Judy's for a cold one then back to the car.

I grabbed a drive-by of the old bridge over the Colorado River but, once inside California, I actually stopped at the first rest area. the El Garces Harvey House in Needles, and Goffs schoolhouse.

I don't think I'll ever tire of the miles of stone graffiti along Old 66 across the Mojave Desert.

Cadiz Summit: Nice decorated, partly furnished.

An art installation fills what I believe was once the Roy's Motel office in Amboy.

I made it inside Bagdad Cafe today but didn't stay long. Grabbed an iced tea to go and moved on down the road.

I finished the day and the westbound leg of the trip with more drive-bys. In addition to sun glare and windshield dirt there might be a way to make the picture of Elmer's Bottle Ranch worse but nothing immediately comes to mind. Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe and the Victorville Route 66 Museum were both closed when I reached them and the sun was almost closed when I reached the San Bernardino Wigwam Village.

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