Day 12: November 12, 2016
Breakfast & Nothing

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Almost every gathering of Route 66 roadies has an e-group breakfast organized by Mike and Sharon Ward. This one was at historic Philippe's. I really liked the gold leafed door and used it for a study in glare and reflection. We arrived just in time as the lines were pretty long just minutes later. In the last picture Mike is handing out door prizes which George and Bonnie Game deliver them. Mike, Dean, and Nick can be seen in the foreground along with the back of Jim's hat and Melissa's head.

This was a wonderful non-surprise surprise. The last time I saw Sharon Ward was at the 2015 Miles of Possibility Conference in Edwardsville, Illinois. She had recently developed a reputation for making gifts of cross-stitched images of Route 66 landmarks so I had my suspicions when she asked me about my favorite spot on the route. I gave a couple answers so when she handed me an envelope at Philippe's I was sure I knew what was in it up to a point. But even if I'd known which spot she picked, I'd have been a little surprised. I guess it hadn't really registered with me that each of Sharon's creations created the state flag in a route shield. For the border straddling Glen Rio she put both Texas and New Mexico in there. Fantastic, Sharon. Many thanks!

A sold out bus tour followed breakfast but the morning meal was the last official event for me. I lazed around the Saga, walked to Lucky Baldwin's for a beer, and back again for dinner with a group of roadies. I didn't take it easy in Winslow but I'm doing it today.

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