Day 14: November 14, 2016
Earth and Sky

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Andy's Coffee Shop, just a few blocks from the Saga, had been used as a group gathering spot on a couple of occasions but I'd missed them. I checked it out on my on today and found a very comfortable place with good food.

This Foothill Boulevard Milestone stands between Andy's and the Saga. Read about it here.

When I visited the Petersen Automotive Museum in 2011, the building was a fairly plain box and the cars were displayed in sometimes elaborate scenes. It could be said that the situation is now reversed. You may love or hate the building's 100 ton steel ribbon wrapper but you can't miss it. A major Bugatti exhibit is currently being featured by the museum and a few of the cars can be seen in the lobby without or before paying admission. One of these is a 2017 Chiron. with a top speed of 261 MPH, it's likely that the view shown in the last picture will be the most common.

While I kind of miss the "realistic" settings of the old museum, I must admit that the cars are much more accessible without them. There are more than a hundred cars 0n display and more in storage. Here are half a dozen that caught my eye. The 1913 Mercer is described as "the most original Type 35-J in existence". I don't believe I was even aware of FN motorcycles but, after reading about Ron Fellows traveling half the world on a 1910 version, I've become a bit intrigued by them. This is a 1904/5 model. The 1954 Plymouth Explorer was one of Chrysler's "Dream Cars". Check out its other end here.

If your budget won't accommodate the $2.5 million Bugatti Chiron in the lobby, you might have to settle for a $400,000 2017 Ford GT. It's inspired, of course, by the 1967 Ford GT40 and the museum has one of those near by for comparison. The 1956 Jaguar XKSS was Steve McQueen's favorite car. Juan Fangio won the 1953 Carrera Panamerica in this red 1953 Lancia D24R.

It seems that talent ran rampant in the Bugatti family and, perhaps not surprisingly, included a world renown sculptor. After all, the cars are every bit as much art as engineering.

I had thought of eating at Barney's Beanery yesterday but parts of the area were closed off for some sort of festival and I didn't want to deal with the complications. There were no complications at all today and I fell in love ith the place instantly. I enjoyed my soup & sandwich inside then finished The Patsy (coconut stout, Costa Mesa, CA) outside.

This was one of the two nights of the Super Moon. I didn't catch it on the horizon and I did not find a place to position it next the the Saga sign for one of those dramatic shots appearing around the internet but I did the best I could.

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