Day 15: November 15, 2016
Rewind via the Rim

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After six nights in this room I checked out of the Saga Motor Hotel and thought I'd post these pictures taken during my stay.

I won't be heading to San Diego until tomorrow and decided to spend my last night before the move at the Wigwams in Rialto. Then I decided that I could go back a little farther and pickup some of the places I'd missed or passed in the dark on Wednesday. Then I decided that, rather than driving the same route both east and west, I'd do some of the backtracking via the Rim of the World Highway. So that's what I did, following CA-18 from San Bernardino to Skyforest.

From there I took a collection of roads that included CA-173 and CA 138 northwest to I-10. I passed both Lake Arrowhead and Silverwood Lake (pictured), missed a shot of an approaching train by that much, and just generally had a fun and very scenic drive.

I continued north on I-10 to Emma Jean's Holland Burger where I reversed directions and picked up Historic Route 66. However, before I hit the road, I picked up a load. On Wednesday, Dean Kennedy and Mike Wallace were a few hours ahead of me and Dean posted a picture of his chocolate shake on Facebook. I intended to post a duplicate picture as a reply but the restaurant was closed by the time I reached it. It was open today and here's my duplicate picture. The shake was delicious and I wouldn't even feel guilty about it if I'd consumed it only. The sad truth is that the shake was preceded by this Holland Burger. I swear I'm only a part time glutton. Honest.

The Victorville Museum is closed on Tuesdays so I didn't get inside on this pass either. But the empty lot gave me a clear shot at the building and I have been inside before.

Today I reached Wigwam Village #7 much earlier than I did on Wednesday and this time I'm staying. Here's my room.

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