Day 18: November 18, 2016
OST Finale

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I attended the 2014 Route 66 Festival in Kingman, Arizona, and I prefaced the festival with a drive along the entire Old Spanish Trail. This was a named auto trail, founded in 1915, that ran from Saint Augustine, Florida, to San Diego, California. There are three known major markers of the "trail". I headed west from the marker in Saint Augustine, stopped by the marker in San Antonio, Texas, and was all set to celebrate my drive at the marker in San Diego. I arrived on August 9, 2014, to discover the park closed and the marker absent. The marker was in storage while the park underwent reconstruction and, although some sympathetic city officials tried to get me access to it, the symbolic end of my journey eluded me. My arrival at the park is covered here and the final chapter in the 2014 marker quest is here.

Horton Plaza Park, with the Old Spanish Trail marker in place, reopened in May of this year. It was at the top of my personal "Things to Do in San Diego" list. I had thought of seeking out the marker yesterday but postponed it when I learned that my grandsons were busy then but could join me today. We easily found the marker and I was able to declare a fifteen month belated completion to my full length Old Spanish Trail drive.

With the day's important mission out of the way, we relaxed with some ice cream and a stroll around Westfield Horton Plaza, the multi-level shopping mall that fills the rest of the block. But we never lost track of time.

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