Day 20: November 20, 2016
Four States

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I was wide awake when sunrise approached so I headed topside to get some pictures. I had, of course, seen the ocean liner parked across the Queen's stern but it hadn't registered with me that the horizon wouldn't be visible through it. The photos I got weren't anything like hat I'd envisioned when I left my room. Thankfully some broken clouds were there to make things a little interesting.

Breakfast seemed like a wonderful idea now that I was out and about so I stopped in at Chelsea Chowder House and Bar for their buffet. As this was a Sunday, by waiting just a couple of hours, I could have indulged in what Conde Nast considers one of "The Best Hotel Brunches in the World". There's no doubt the the Sunday Champagne Brunch would have been a memorable experience including the $59.95 price which is called "General Admission". There was no shortage of takers. A fair sized line extended from the room when I passed by about an hour after it opened.

I wanted to see the ship's engine room and had intended to do it yesterday but it somehow didn't happen. I was basically ready to leave after breakfast but waited for the engine room to open at 10:00 which is why I was around to see the line at the champagne brunch. That first picture looks like it might be of the entrance to a museum display of engines but it's the real thing. The engine room on the Queen Mary is a massive space filled with massive things. The Queen had already been parked for ten years when the Apple II came along but it must have been used for something.

Although the schedule wasn't overly tight, I did have to be home by a certain and couldn't take too much time getting there. My first thought was to head east on I-40. Then I got an email from a cousin living in Colorado. She mentioned a car museum in that state and, although visiting the museum didn't work out, the email caused me to take a look and change my route. The I-40 route would be through somewhat familiar territory. Shifting north and heading through Colorado would give me something new to look at and, if I stuck mostly to I-70, there wouldn't be too much of a time penalty.

The northern shift took place on I-15. This goes through the same area as US-66 as far as Barstow and then it was new territory for me. The first picture is about a dozen miles from the Nevada border which is pretty easy to spot. The cluster of casinos is just a hint of what lies forty-five miles ahead.

For the first time ever, I drove past Las Vegas without stopping. I had neither reason nor desire.

This was a four state day as I drove from California through Nevada and Arizona and ended in Utah. It was all quite scenic once I got beyond Las Vegas. The first three photos are from Nevada and the second three are from Arizona. It was just too dark for photos by the time I reached Utah. I really regret that as this is some mighty pretty territory with Zion National Park along the east side of the interstate.

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