Day 21: November 21, 2016
All Wet, Almost

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Even though I erroneously Tweeted that I was in Colorado, I awoke to my first snow of the season in Cedar City, Utah.

It was a very wet snow so I essentially drove through slush to return to I-15 (in the second picture) and onto I-70 (in the third).

So I drove almost the entire state of Utah in darkness, snow, or rain. The exception was a few miles as I neared the eastern border (fifth picture) but it didn't last long and I crossed the border (last picture) with rain coming down again. These photos were taken with my Panasonic DMC-FZ40. Most of the photos were taken with the wipers set on "intermittent". With the wipers running without the pauses, autofocus tends to trigger the shutter as the blade moves across the glass. I have many wiper blade photos. With the wipers on "intermittent", I press the shutter release as soon as the blades complete a sweep meaning that the water on the glass is what builds up during a fairly short shutter lag.

Precipitation really did cease just a few miles later and things were dry as I exited the expressway and started down US-50.

In the town of Delta I got drive-bys of an old but active movie theater, a very-used car lot, and a motel turned to long term rentals.

I stopped for the night in Montrose, Colorado, and was astounded to learn there were three breweries within two miles of my motel. I headed to the closest, Horsefly Brewing Company, and learned from a couple of its regulars that there is now a fourth brewery in town of less than 20,000. The beer, food, and people at Horsefly were all excellent. There's a lot to like in this town.

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