Day 25: November 25, 2016

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I have driven US-50 between Saint Louis and Cincinnati previously so could have moved to an expressway without feeling like I abandoned a mission but I didn't. For one thing, US-50 is the most direct route. Using expressways means either swinging north through Indianapolis on I-70 and I-74 or south through Louisville on I-64 and I-71. Of course the main reason for sticking with US-50 is that I see expressways as something to be used when necessary and that was simply not the case. That it was the right choice is obvious since it allowed me to see this extra large Stag ad in Carlyle and this diner mural in Salem.

US-50 was once divided four-lane through much of Illinois. When the interstates drained away most of the long distance traffic, half of the divided highway was retired. I've seen and photographed many of these abandoned bridges and strips of pavement in the past and am posting just a few photos from today as a sort of reminder.

Getting close to home. Just one state to go.

I'm not even sure the taproom was a dream when I first stopped at the Great Crescent Brewery in 2010. It has been closed on the times I've been by since it was added so this was my first time inside. I found both good beer and good food to wrap up the trip.

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