Day 5: August 25, 1999
Three State Day



Today was museum day. The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK, the national museum in Elk City, OK, and the Devil's Rope Museum in McClean, TX. The Clinton museum has more information on the road itself than either of the others. Devil's Rope is barbed wire and the museum really is in the "must see" category.

Here is the impossible to miss U Drop Inn in Shamrock, TX and a restored Phillips station in McClean.

Two big time neighboring landmarks in Texas. The tourist teasing leaning tower of Britten and the World's largest cross. The cross promises "A spiritual experience you will never forget".

Had a 'burger and fries at the Golden Light. Possibly the oldest eatery on the road. Charlie's collection of cars across the street is worth the stroll over to look at. There's a really nice '57 Nomad among many lesser autos.

Missed seeing a lifelong friend in Ft Wayne so I stopped in Amarillo to visit his sister. Marilyn and I almost missed each other but connected just in time.

Nothing to say. It's a really big world out here.

Cuervo is the location name not a brand name. No brand name anywhere. Just unleaded, premium, and diesel.

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